Made Simple

About Us

Make ESG accessible for any business.

ESG can make any business better.

But most people are lost with ESG. It’s too complex. And they don’t know where to start.

So we’re reimagining how to make ESG happen. 

We had to feel the pain.

We’ve worked on ESG projects all around the world.

We witnessed huge amounts of time, energy and money get wasted.

We thought: there has to be a better way!

So we set off on a journey to reimagine the process from the ground up, and automate it end to end with technology.

Made Simple was born. 

ESG is Unfair

SME’s don’t have access to the right tools and advice.

Big Business is getting an unfair advantage from ESG.

It’s shrouded in mysterious acronyms and complicated

frameworks, and fiercely guarded by expensive ”expert” consultants.

But ESG should be accessible to everyone.

We’re here to make that happen. 

Our Founders

Hugh Foley

Head of Simplicity

ESG expert and advisor to industry leaders including telcos, banks, miners and listed industrial companies. 

Oliver Roydhouse

Head of Simplicity

Serial tech entrepreneur. Founder of three successful venture capital backed tech ventures over last 20 years. 

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